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After 30 years of tour-paddles we still had the same problems with the big
water-surfaces (seas) between the mouths with the most different Canadians.
As we tried then, for example, to go ahead on the ''Müritzer Seenplatte''
with the whole family it was often too dangerous or too arduous to scout the
fantastic scenery.

Due to my frustration, I then bought myself a small yawl with sword and only
15 cm depths. But as it turned out, this type of boat was too heavy or too
high again or it was no wind and a slipway is required to get the boat into
the water at all.

Then I have started to develop an idea, that all advantages of a Canadian
with those of the small sail-yawl connects.


A sail-top for Canadians.

2 swimmers like a catamaran, even developped to decrease the leeway under
the handicap to stabilize the boat and to keep the weight as low as
possibly. A 13 kg easier float was modeled and duplicated in glassfibre.

A rack connecting the two tubs, lifts the mast and is fortified with belts
at the boat-torso, tube became in VA and another in ALU profiles prepared.
The tubs can be extracted at the side, so that the width with the paddle is
about approximately 25 cm bigger per side. Extended is the top up to 3 m.
A 4,80 long mast was put down and it get a 4,80 m long mast and got 4 mm


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